Current Obsessions

If you follow me on Pinterest then you know I have a thing for surrounding myself with positive images and words. I also have a thing for clean, organized spaces that are beautiful, practical, neural and art filled. I love homes that are really lived in reflecting our own personal experiences. So much of living an inspired life is to making the commitment to living and working (when possible) in spaces that help you feel your best.

Please understand I do not subscribe to the belief that a home or work space has to be perfect to be a place of inspiration. I also do not believe that only those that spend a fortune on design can have an inspired space. When it comes to physical space the goal should be to create spaces that make you feel most alive, a place where you can clear your mind allowing you and your family the opportunity for inspiration.

With that in mind below I have listed below just a few current obsessions that I thought I’d share to see what you think. (None of my images are sponsored.) These are really just my selections.

What helps you keep your home an inspired space?

Children’s Art

We still have work to do to custom mat their art but all in all I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Thank you school art teachers for providing us with some really cool work to brighten up this nook!


Photo Credit: joyfulbrix

Cotton Blankets

I have strayed over the years and tried various types of other blankets (I mean who has not been wooed by the sweater blanket section at HomeGoods!?) but every time I regret it. A classic cotton blanket like the Diamond Organic Blanket from Pottery Barn is just the right thing. It can be dressed up or down, it is washable, not-too-heavy and not-too-light. A perfect compliment to any room.


Photo Credit and Link: pottery

Nadeau- Furniture Store

I love this store! Do you have one close? If so I recommend planning to go check it out. If you sign up for their newsletters they will alert you when they have a new shipment so you can always get first dips on the good stuff. Pieces are as-they-are and once they are gone they are gone. If you are like me and find more than you can squeeze in your family sized suv they also will help connect you with a local service that will deliver the large items for a reasonable fee.


Photo Credit and link: joyfulbrix found at the Nadeau Cincinnati location

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