The Best Kind of Tired

Today I am tired. The best kind of tired. Tired because in an all too rare but glorious change of routine and I went out with a pack of girlfriends (how did we ever get our schedules coordinated to be out together) on a week night (down right shocking, right?!)  to see Cat & Nat live. I think I am still laughing hours later. For those that may not know them yet Cat & Nat are the women behind the now famous #momtruths Facebook live posts that we can all relate to. The ones that say what we are thinking. The ones that give us that sigh of relief of okay I am not the only one who feeds my kids pizza too often or needs naps sometimes to power through. If you do not know them you can check them out via this link #momtruths. This is not a sponsored ad or post. Just sharing in good faith for all other moms who could use some belly laughing, almost peed my pants #momtruths today.

Cat & Nat were hilarious, really, really hilarious but it was not the content of their show that I will remember months or years from now. It will be the memories of snapping selfies with my girlfriends, looking down the row to see friends also laughing hysterically and exchanging those looks (you know the ones…) when the entertainer hits right on an inside joke between friends and you look at each other, no words, and giggle.

While Cat & Nat provided a very upbeat and entertaining set the underlying message of how important it is to be there for each other in a non-judgmental way, to have each other’s back through good days and bad and to remember to laugh along the journey was much more powerful. I am confident that they would be happy to hear that while the specific details of their show may fade over time the memories of laughing with my girlfriends never will. Their relatable #momtruths, the resulting I’ve been there too laughter, all of it is a wonderful gift that they give to the women in their community of followers.

So with that… Cheers to you Cat & Nat for being yourselves, for sharing the story of your friendship and reminding us all that life really is that much better with great friends, laughter and sometimes a badass glittery dress!



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