It Starts With Love

As promised this week I am sharing four key things that I have found lighten the load of all of that weighs us down. Being that it is the week of Valentine’s Day I can’t help myself but chose a Valentine’s Day theme so I’ll start with Love.

It all starts with and is grounded in love. Sounds easy I suppose but using love as a foundation and guide in all things not only keeps us true to ourselves and others in our intentions and actions but frankly is also really hard work. Sometimes living a life grounded in love means we have to make some really tough decisions. Sometimes it means recognizing that situations or things that we love are not be good for us or healthy for us. Living in love also means that we are making the commitment to love not only our spouses, kids, work, neighbors and strangers but that we also are making the commitment to love ourselves and that in itself can sometimes be the biggest challenge.

When I started really thinking about how to live a more inspired life I spent a lot of time thinking about what and who I love, how they make me feel and how and what I give back to them. I took the time to map out a list (literally on paper) of the people and key things I love most and how I do (or do not) connect with them on a regular basis. What I found, very sadly, is that in many cases the people and things that I could easily and emphatically say I love most were getting the smallest amount of my time and energy. The path to living a more purposeful and inspired life began with re-directing time and energy to the people and things I love most, with giving myself the grace of understanding that old habits die hard and that each morning is a fresh start to honor my committments to who and what I love most.

How do you prioritize your time and commitments to the people and things you love?

With Love,








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