Inspired Home

The dedication to living an inspired life is something I learned long ago has to be incorporated in all areas of life including the physical space we occupy most, our home. The recognition of how important our physical spaces are for inspired living and work sparked my own initial work and guiding philosophy on the impact of design.

After many years of remodeling our own various family homes (another still in progress) three key guiding themes to creating the spaces we desired became apparent. The end result must be calming, beautiful and functional for everyday real life. Seems easy enough, right? Actually, it is much easier said than done! Keeping all three in balance is key.

You may be thinking well, that is great but I do not have time to work on my physical space. Life is busy and crazy. With kids and dogs and work I know how you feel! I also know first hand how important it is to create and maintain spaces that allow us to feel and be our best and I want that for you too. For ideas and inspiration you can follow along a few different ways, via the Blog, Instagram and Pinterest.