Inspired Work

What Does Inspiration Have To Do With It?

With over a decade of experience successfully helping individuals and businesses develop strategies to reach their goals I am keenly aware of the intense demands for accelerated innovation. The pressure to generate market leading ideas, to create and execute new processes and technology at what seems like an impossible pace, is prevalent in businesses of all kinds. The flurry of activity and buzz around innovation is exhilarating, rewarding and tremendously challenging for individual contributors and companies alike.

I am sure you have seen this in your own work. It is impossible to miss as the race to innovate is the hot topic of professional white papers, corporate shareholder materials and social media outlets on a daily basis. Forbes even gives an annual award for the “Most Innovative Companies.” In response companies are quickly creating new positions or teams charged with developing new innovation and executing these ideas to market at an unprecedented pace. Make no mistake, I am a huge supporter of the rapid response to this undeniable call to action and am 100% all in when it comes to helping you cultivate inspiration and innovation in your own work.

What concerns me is how many individuals and organizations are responding by putting new protocols in place but are not committed to understanding all that needs to change to allow for new ideas and innovation to occur in a truly game changing, market leading way.

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.”  -Albert Einstein

Often I find two key aspects of a winning innovation strategy are missing or not highly prioritized: 

1) a commitment to creating the opportunity for the development of new ideas to occur 

2) a commitment to changing personal and corporate behaviors to truly support this process

As individuals how often do we forget to (or not even think to,) create opportunities for ourselves to truly clear our minds from the 24-7 work demands and media influences? To truly clear the mental clutter of our busy lives and devote time specifically to exploring new ideas or improved ways of tackling our daily responsibilities? Likely, not often if at all. With this being the case how can we expect ourselves or our employees to generate new ideas without first recognizing and embracing the environmental, cultural and personal changes needed to allow professional and market changing ideas and innovations to occur?

The reality is that without the commitment to creating the opportunity for ideas to develop the action (implementation) steps that follow are only pieces of an innovation strategy. Those that make the full commitment to a mindset and culture of on-going idea generation will reap the benefits many times over. It is in fact these individuals and organizations -the ones that are willing to make the commitment to leveraging inspired work to discover a professionally and marketing leading innovation advantage- that I look forward to partnering with. This is the group I will place bets on all day, any day.