Inspired Work

“Stay Hungry Stay Foolish”

-Steve Jobs

I love this quote by Steve Jobs as it perfectly sums up both the importance of always staying hungry for professional growth and keeping our sense of foolishness alive and well. If we are complacent or afraid to take a well calculated risk every once in awhile we will never be able to move forward, to grow professionally.

As individuals how often do we forget to (or not even think to) create opportunities for ourselves to truly clear our minds from the 24-7 work demands and media influences? To truly clear the mental clutter of our busy lives and devote time specifically to exploring new ideas or improved ways of tackling our daily responsibilities at work? Likely, not often if at all. With this being the case how can we expect ourselves to generate new ideas without first recognizing and embracing the changes needed in our own lives to create the opportunity for new ideas and innovations to occur? This is where the opportunity for leveraging a joyful lifestyle for inspired work comes in.