What Is Inspired Living?

There is more to life than increasing its speed -Mahatma Gandhi

Our lives today are crazy. We are over scheduled, over stimulated and too easily can find before we know it our lives both at home and at work are running us. How did this happen? We know that this is not healthy but we cannot quite figure out how to take back control. Instead we continue to pile tasks on our to-do lists and make endless promises and plans while dreaming of a way to better mange it all.

To make matters worse the marketing world has told us confidently that yes indeed we can do it all and have it all if we just want it bad enough, if we just try hard enough. We can work hard and play hard they say. I personally find these messages at a minimum misleading and maybe more likely damaging to our mental health. What they fail to say is that somewhere in the mix we also need time for rest, retreat and some good old fashion I-almost-peed-my-pants belly laughter. When we run at max capacity we may appear to have it all but often are maxed out physically, emotionally and spiritually. This state leaves us feeling empty and prevents us from truly living an inspired life.

Inspired living is a term I use to describe the commitment to seeking, embracing and sharing joy in our everyday lives. It is the understanding that daily responsibilities and stressors will always be present but when balanced with a commitment to inspired living the weights of them are less. Through this practice we become able to once again have more creative, uniquely inspired ideas and clarity of vision leading us to happier lives both at home and at work. It is a journey and it is hard work to change habits that we all have deeply engrained in our personal and professional lives. Even so the reward is worth the work. Through inspiration we are able to define our own prescriptive balance and once again become fueled by what lights a spark within.

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