Why NOT setting New Year’s Resolutions will help me exceed my 2019 goals

So… be honest did you make a New Year’s Resolution? How’s that going?

I love the allure of big lofty New Year’s Resolutions. I totally do! The dreamer in me loves everything about it. The encouraging Instagram posts and the Pinterest pins of healthy foods and calming yoga studios. The morning show features on trendy diets and lifestyle changes and even the weight loss commercials promising that 2019 is going to be our year. I could get lost in the beautiful imagery of it all and like everyone I am completely drawn to it like a bug to a light. Who wouldn’t want a fancy stationary bike if it can make me look like that woman?! Sign.me.up.

These positive images are like eye candy that I can’t get enough of but to be honest that is where my love affair with New Year’s Resolutions ends. In fact I did not set any this year. Not one. In my experience personally and from years of working with others helping them reach their own goals I have learned that setting grandiose resolutions without a plan, support and the tools to attain them is totally bananas.  B.A.N.A.N.A.S. as Gwen Stefani would say and I do not have time to waste and neither do you, do you?

To make things more complicated there are loads of goals coming at us this time of year that often compete with or outright conflict with each other. Our businesses have business goals, sales persons have sales goals, educators have educational goals, writers have page goals, our families have goals and then the icing on the cake is that each of us might even dare to have our own individual goals. We might even have big ones. Hum, how many hours are there in a day again?

Never Enough

Don’t beat yourself up

We are all in the same boat

We all know the feeling of having holes in our boat where we are constantly tossing buckets of water out just to stay afloat

So if resolutions are not the answer and with all that is coming at us how can we realistically take on new goals in 2019? We already feel like we are working and doing chores 24-7, we are drowning in to-do’s and for heaven’s sake just need a good nap every once and awhile to stay sane. With all we have going on how do we even begin to realistically achieve the meaningful and sustainable change we desire or need in our lives?

this is where resolutions stop and the real plans begin

We start by first acknowledging that change to routine or habit is harder than it seems. It is much bigger than making a resolution on an evening filled with bubbly and friends. It will require practice and our commitment. It will require the support of others and will require us to acknowledge that we will experience failure along the way. Acknowledging and accepting these first steps are foundational to achieving any meaningful goal.

Next we set a series of goals and rewards throughout the whole year that are a mix of easily attainable, attainable with effort and larger stretch goals. We identify and target the goals that help us feel and be our very best, we break it down into bite sized actions along the way and most importantly (so important) we do it with the support of each other, with self forgiveness and with laughter and celebration at each step.

I have been tremendously fortunate to have a career that has allowed me the privilege of helping business owners and individuals reach their goals. I also have been blessed with personally knowing the unbelievable feeling of reaching and exceeding goals. The gratification and joy of reaching goals both large and small, both personal and professional is infectious and I want that joy for you too.

Throughout 2019 I will be sharing realistic ways to approach and reach your goals, sharing my own journey working toward some lofty goals and commit to being a source for humility and celebration along the way. Take a deep breath. Together we’ve got this.

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